At fb organics we are committed to finding the best products for our customers.  We asked our staff what their favorite products are and why.  Their answers varied from hair skin and nail supplements to protein powders and we decided to share their input with you.

Luis: Biosil

My favorite product is Biosil because it increased hair and nail growth in a short amount of time and encourages softer skin.  Biosil is different from collagen pills and powders because it contains ch-OSA collagen generator.  Your body produces collagen in cells called fibroblasts, and ch-OSA “wakes up” the enzymes that turn on these fibroblast.  Collagen pills and powders do not have the ability to do this.

Rachel: Liquid Iron Supplements

My favorite product is Garden of Life’s Plant Iron & Organic Herbs.  I prefer liquid iron supplements because they are absorbed more easily and are less irritating to the stomach.  I prefer Garden of Life’s plant iron because it contains no chemical iron or added sugars.  This supplement also contains vitamins C and B12 which help with absorption.

Vance: Show Me The Whey Protein

I like the chocolate fb organics whey protein.  It  is great for post workout muscle recovery and has an amazing taste.  Another great thing about this protein powder is it’s sourced from cows that are not treated with rBGH and contains no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Brittney: Hail Merry Protein Bars

These bars are filling and are a great grab and go snack.  The taste is incredible and are loaded with healthy fats from almond butter and protein from hemp hearts and sunflowers.

Hayley: fb organics smoothie

My favorite product is a smoothie with fb organics vanilla whey protein.  These are a great quick and healthy meal replacement and all of our smoothies are low carb and low calorie.